Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Got My Boots

At first I was going to avoid boots and go with something more like a trail runner, but a little extra support never hurt, and they are pretty light. Not to mention how comfortable the are. A new Dicks Sporting Goods opened up in my area so they had some pretty good grand opening sales going on so overall they were pretty well priced. 

Im going to Bill Jackson's later to see about getting a new spoon and maybe look for supplies to make that tarptent. Im still not 100% sure I want to try to do it, but it would be very nice to shed that weight. The downfalls in protection from the weather makes me more nervous than anything else. 

I have all of my resupply stops up till New Hampshire planned out, or at least all of my options planned out. I can always skip the ones I feel like I don't really need.