Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obviously not a city dweller

I got off my bus in Atlanta and attempted to figure out their subway system. It only set me back a little bit when I realized I was in the southbound terminal instead of the northbound. After I finally made it to the right place, this urban explorer excitedly boarded the first train to appear. Well with planning like that what could go wrong? Yep. Wrong train. Got off at the next stop and figured out the folly of my ways and calmly WAITED till the correct train came rolling in. All is well.


  1. i thru hiked the A.T. last year and had the time off my life...
    im sure you will to so many incredible people to meet on the trail aan in the trail towns..this year im paddling the mississippi river from minnesota to the gulf of mexico..!! i look forward to following your posts(i miss the trail as all returning hikers do)follow my journey at http://paddlingthemississippiriver2012.blogspot.com i f you get a chance on the last day of your hike after summiting Mt. Katahdin go down the Knife's edge trail ...that is incredible !!