Sunday, April 1, 2012


What are  the odds that a throu hikers first successful hitchhike would be with an outdoor company sales rep? Well I just want to give an enormous THANK YOU TO "Chappy" for both picking me up and hooking me up with this sweet hat! My sunburned ears are singing your praise Sir!
Let's see how these mousetraps work! Far East Cost. and I just set 4 of them here at Pecks Corner shelter. Fulll house tonight too, here with Orange Lightning but, Halfmoon, Indy, Achilles, and a bunch of section hikers from Michigan.
The trail today was really nice, a few ups and downs but no steep climbs no descends. At one point we went to Charlies Bunion briefly as bad weather was upon us.
The thunderstorm povided little rain, but lots of electricl acticity. Thunder surrounded us as it echoed through the mountains. The worst of the rain held off till I was walking into the shelter at the end of a 11 mile day.
Yesterday was a short 4 miles into Gatlinburg, TN. Since Indy came with us the $29.95 motel room was only $8 a piece, good enough for a shower, then out to resupply. Tried to take the trolley but ended up walking the 2 1/2 miles to the "Food City".
The selection was too good, and ended up spending $50 on 10-ish days of food, not bad. But considering my next "big" town is coming in 5 more days it's excessive.
The six of us and "the Triplets" managed to catch the trolley back towards the hotel, where I repacked my meals and dumped my snacks into my now gagatuan food bag. Made a few calls while waiting for the rest of the group to get back before we headed out to find a troley to Pigeon Forge for GOLDEN CORAL!
Two trolleys and some walking later, we feasted like champions, endlesss steak, potatoes, mac&cheese, all 4 times over, then came dessert, cake, brownies, fudge, cookies AND ice cream. Took some of the cookies for trail dessert. Great Idea.
Again a GIANT THANK YOU to chappy for the ride and hat. Good Man! Now I have to decorate it with my trail name "Tommy Lee Jones" ending today at mile 217.2, over 10% complete.
P.S.....not 10 minutes after I stopped writing there was the distinct snap at the mousetrap doing its job. Too bad theres no fire, or he would be roasting right now.

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