Sunday, April 1, 2012


13.1 miles today from last nights campfire to tonights Roaring Fork shelter. One of my favorites so far. Rainy night last night so my tarp is still wet. Keep me dry though so that is good. Rain again tonight, lightning too beating on the tin roof of the shelter, will put me to sleep soon.
Made it to the never ending climb surprisingly quickly, checked out an FAA tower on a bald (?) continuing pretty much non-stop all day. Took a 20 minute break to eat lunch at a road crossing then quickly pushed on.
Finally made it to the 4.629' summit of Max Patch. Took some cool pictures by hanging my camera on a post and setting the timer, couldn't stay too long though; rain was quickly on its way. I saw a wall of water pushing right  towards me, so I high tailed it back into the woods where I put a rain jacket on and finished the 2.6miles to the shelter.
I got here around 3pm so I occupied some time by altering a shirt so it fits better and I'm not swimming in it. It came out alright, the armpits are weird but eh, its o.k.
Made 2 dinners tonight to get rid of some food, I bought WAY too much in Gatlinburg. At least I wont have to buy much when I get to Hot Springs in 2 days.
Mile Marker 255.9 tonight. Bedtime.

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  1. its really hard not to overbuy on resupply,took me about 1,000 miles to really keep the resupply as smalla s possible othewise the first two days after town my pack was so heavy i had to just keep eatin to get the pack weight back down,glad your enjoying the journey, !!!