Sunday, April 1, 2012


Laying here at Cosby Knob shelter with some trail magic in my stomach, velveeta, mac&cheese and wine. From a nice section hiker Matt who has a girlfriend who is a CPA.
2 mousetraps worked last night, one, another has triggered but none was in it this morning. Total-2
Nice level trail today, rocky but at least the ups and downs were minimal. Saw some airplane wreckage that was woefully underwhelming..
Met my first SOBO (southbound) thru hikers today. Not technically "thru" hikers, as they stopped halfway through last year and picked back up in January this year. Talked to them as I ate lunch of slim jims, inside swiss cake rolls, inside a peanut butter wrap. BLISS.
There's a fire going in the fireplace thanks to Far East Coast and Matt, and the triplets are camping down the hill.
Today was a 12.9 mile day, tomorrow will be similar, finishing up the smokies, and getting past "Standing Bear" hostel, maybe checking their hike box, then continuing to the campsites right near there.

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