Friday, February 11, 2011

Clinic - Day 1

Alright, well tonight was the first part of theThru-Hiker clinic down at Bill Jackson's. It was interesting, the guy who taught it has hiked the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. There was a surprisingly good turnout for an event like this, including some seniors who im sure just didn't want to be stuck at [the] home for the night and used this as something to do. I recognized a kid that goes to USF there, not sure if he remembered me, but the first time I met I did ask his girlfriend how she would react if someone gave her a pack of Urinelles as a gift.

Tonight however, he wasn't really "teaching" anything, instead he just kind of did a slideshow of some of the pictures along each, kind of did a guided tour type thing.

From his slideshow there was one picture that I learned the most from. It was a picture of his shoe with floss sewn through it holding it together. lesson learned: Pack heavy duty needles. I don't want to be stuck anywhere and be forced to walk any great distance with the sole of my shoe talking to the trail in front of me. Needles; good idea.

The awesome staff at Bill Jackson's brough out one of each of the Mountain House freezedried meals and made them and let us sample them all. Considering what they are they were really good, however the price of each is somewhere around $8-9 so I think I'll be finding an alternative. I would also tent to gravitate towards something that is not pre packaged like that so I can customize it and make it how I would want it instead of what the company decided.

Gear clinic tomorrow.

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