Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clinic Day 2 and shopping

As hopeful as I was about this clinic, after doing as much reading as I have, I have to admit that the majority of what was covered was review for me. He went over the different types of sleeping bags (down vs. synthetic), and how they work. Stove types, and the different styles/types of tents.The one thing that I was most hoping he would cover, resupply, he barely talked about at all. I understand that you go into towns and resupply, but I was hoping to learn more about mail drops and how to schedule them. But it looks like the easiest way to resupply is to just buy what you need in town. Maybe that is better in that it will cut down postage costs. We'll see.

After the clinic was over, I spent a few hours walking around the store and I'm now proud to say that I think I have every piece of gear that I'll need.
  • Poles - Leki Makalu
    • I honestly don't know what to say about these, they seem pretty light, and from what I was told they are tougher to bend/break than any of the other poles in this series. So hopefully they'll last.
  • Rain suit - DriDucks Ultralite 2 
    • Also have very little to say here. Small and packable, waterproof and breathable. Seems to fit my needs.
  • Sleeping bag liner - Grand Trunk silk sleep sack 
    • I realized that my sleeping bag is a little lighter duty than I needed, so the added 10-12 degrees of warmth will probably be nice. Then later on I'll probably use this as my only sleeping bag through the summer months when a 30 degree bag would be torture.
  • Socks and liner socks - wigwam liners and Thorlo's wool socks. 
    • As long as they keep my feet dry I'm not concerned about their features. I mean, they're socks. 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of liners. 1 pair of socks will be in my sleeping bag at all times and not come out. guaranteeing that I will always have warm dry socks to sleep in.
I'm pretty sure I now have everything that I need. I think I might get some long thermal underwear bottoms, but other than that I'm pretty much set to go. I guess we'll see what I wish I had when I'm 3 days out off springer next month. So far, here's what I have.

 Driducks is the rain gear, Green dry bag is clothes and the orange one is food. Fuel bottle is not completely full to save weight. I'm going to estimate2 oz/day with 1 oz padding so 3 oz/day. The flask is for whiskey. Bandanna is taking the place of a pack towel after hearing how many people eliminate this piece of gear from their kit. (I'm not an idiot, I know the tent is missing, Its is on its way)

The best part of today was doing the math and finding out how under budget I am.  Very happy to have that weight off of my shoulders.

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