Monday, March 26, 2012


Today starded out COLD. The condensation inside my tarp was frozen, and there was a half inch thick layer of ice in Ryons water bag. Had some dampness on the foot of my sleeping bag, but it seems to have dried up. We came across our first trail magic today. BROWNIES! a good tub full of them with a letter and journal from the trail angel that left them. There were a few road crossings today with trash cans and parking lots, so I got to get rid of some bulky stuff. We ran into gorge lightning a few times and it eventually left us behind. A lot of uphill today and my knee feels great! We made it to the 10 mile, to site Bald shelter and a sure nice group of section hikers made room for us, gave us some extra food and even made us a (hot cider and rum) great group here, bright awesome fire, they even let me use a sling shot to try and hunt a shelter mouse. I will guard my fallen food bag. Shouldn't be as cold as last night, but still chilly in the 30's. Made a few phone calls today, finally got service NOC in 2.5 days.(?)

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