Monday, March 26, 2012


Last night surprised us with a heavy rainstorm, and in my tarp was getting misted by splater. Woke up relatively dry. Made cinamon oatmeal with a crushed up pop-tart mixed in for breakfast, then we were on our way. NC trail is very rocky and very fun, parts of it we were actually climbing, thats how steep they were. Made it to the 100 mile mark and took pictures on our first fire tower, too bad it was locked. We wanted to sleep in the 2nd shelter after that, but there was no sign, and no blazes for the side trail, so all 3 of us walked passed it.We are currently camped out next to a river in between 2 mountains, meaning all of the cold air is pooling here, it was 34o when we were by the fire, and the temp is still dropping. Good weather otherwise tonight. Oh, and my tarp site is FAR from level.

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