Monday, March 26, 2012


Today was unexpected. Woke up with the sun and Flip pulls up to the shelter for a late breakfast. After we ate while packing up, Victor and I realized he left his only insulated jacket at the shelter, so we spent the first part of the day trying to catch him while I was carrying it up the trail for him, seems to be a patern here. Got to the top of our first climb 5 miles up trail and went up another observation tower, kind of foggy but still cool. Saw "the triplets" not really triplets but siblings from Utah, Seth, Jenny and Matt. Kept going after "lunch" found Flip near the shelter, gave him his jacket back and he said he would buy me a beer. Decided to push the extra mile and go to the Nantahala Outdoor Center, where I currently am.  They (Victor, Flip and Ryan) got a hotel room. So on top of the free beer I got a free bed. We went and showered and got dinner. An entree as an apppetizer, a cheeseburger and tater tots for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. $33.00 well spent. hiker box in the outfitter store yielded breakfast for this stretch, homemade granola bag, spaghetti and trail mix. good stuff. Did laundry, going to buy a few things tomorrow then a short 6 mile hike straight up. Should be fun. I fell down for the first and second times today. The first time my back hit a rock and that hurt, but the second time was worse because as I was walking the trail crumbled under me and I ended up bending a hiking pole, going to try to get that fixed/replaced tomorrow.

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  1. Dan, keep yourself safe. No more falling! Walking is good. Falling is bad...:):):) Remind yourself once a while. Are you enjoying the views?