Saturday, March 31, 2012


It was hard leaving the Fontana Hilton this morning, but I did find some granola and mashed potato mix. We planned on a 11 mile day today for our first foray into the smokies. Stopped off at an observation tower and got on the roof of that for pictures, it was great. I left my gold pole for Far East Const and Ryan to see as a signal to take the side trail that way. Great Views.
The trail today was incredibly buggy. Swarms of flies flying around anytime I wasn't moving, so breaks were missed.
Last night I tried to get Seth, from the "triplets", to hide a bottle of rocks in his sisters pack that she had actually filled up herself. It was not there this morning so I'm assuming he did it.
I made it to the Mollies Bridge shelter a little after 4:00pm and sat and rubbed my feet for a bit, they keep getting pretty sore. Made dinner and ate just before a thunderstorm rolled in. Crazy rain so I stayed in the shelter and waited it out before hanging my bear bag.
Forgot to write last night that the front part of my liner sock had a hole worn in it, and today the heel of my sock got a hole in it! But still not a single blister, I'm happy about that.
2 more days and a morning till Gatlinburg so I might replace them there, or maybe i'll just make them my sleeping socks and switch them out, we'll see.

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