Sunday, March 25, 2012


Woke up to rain in my tarp throughout the night, got up and moving around 7:30am a little late due to weather and lack of sun. The first mile of trail to NC was BRUTAL, huge climb w/no switchbuchs. After that the trail itself was very scenic. Bright green moss growing over rocks and downed trees, but a very steep, rocky trail all day. The rocks hurt even through my boots my feet end every day sore but they feel better by morning each time so here's to YOV; feet.
Currently camping at Beeck Gap. 12.1 miles today, keep this up and we might hit the NOC a day ahead of schedule.
When we took our first break at the shelter....Aslon went to, the food bag from yesterday was still full and hanging from the ceiling. So we each ate some of it and decided to take some extra to supplement what we have. At the rate we are going we might not need to supply at the NOC.
Tomorrow is another big milestone day, we'll hit 100 miles. How crazy to think I've come this far already, and I still have 20 times as much to go. Tomorrow looks like a relatively easy 10-11 miles and I am super relaxed after a nice Are, so i'm going to sleep. it's 9:00pm.
Tonight also marks the first night I'm sleeping with my food-bears be dumned. And I also managed to get the thorn from the bush out of my eyelid.

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