Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday Bat, Yappy, and Orange lightening told me about a trail magic breakfast today at Allen Gap. So after waking up and making mashed patatoes and  checking the mousetraps that I had set (both of  which worked), packed up and headed down the trail the 3.7 miles to where a couple who had thru-hiked in 1999 invited the Truth Commando and I into their home for belgian waffles, stew, home-made bread, and blackberry cobler. They were a religious couple and  offered us books about Jesus and when I told them I am Jewish they immediately changed their attitudes about my not "accepting Christ", and even offered me a knit beanie with "Jerusalem" embroidered into it. I politely declined. Definitely a warm home nevertheless and the great free food set off my day right.
Back on the trail for a butt kick of a climb for the first mile, but after that all was well. Relatively moderate terrain with an exposed ridgewalk for a mile or so. From there I could see for miles into both Tennessee and North Carolina, as I was walking on the state line.
The ridgewalk ended as the shelter grew nearer, finalizing my 15 mile day. Sitting here at Jerry's Cabin Shelter at mile mark 300.2! I feel like a badass for walking 300 miles, but there are still 1883.9 more to go.
I'll probably get the mousetraps again tonight if I can find some food to use as bait. I just don't have any that I really want to part with. Oh well, I've eaten already so now it's time to just relax.

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