Thursday, May 10, 2012


The night hike went swell, Tripped a few times, we all did. Got going around 4a.m. and made it to the shelter just after sunrise and took a long nap.
Got up and pushed another 15 miles and camped at Laurel Creek with Treeboo and shared some creepy but good conversation. Next morning was shockingly cold, and as soon as I made it to the road into Bland my mind was made up that I needed hot food. I tried calling pizza hut but they wouldn't deliver to the church that I was standing in front of. Not 2 minutes after getting off the phone with them it started to snow. So now it was time to find a ride into town. Quickly was picked up by a nice lade in a truck who also stopped for Orange Lightning and Yappy on the drive. Subway was the destination and we ate like kings.
The 2 others offered me space in their motel room and it was too hard to turn down.
Next day as we were hiking along we came across the "Suitcase Challenge". 24 beers. 24 miles, 24 hours. Didn't work out. Too drunk to do big miles so it was a LONG 24 miles.
Finally made it to Pearisburg, Va. and did a quick resupply at the food lion before qalking back out to the trail to camp. Another terrible idea. My campsite was right next to a very active train track and after extinguishing my cooking fire I walked back to town to get a motel room.
It was nice to have a T.V. asI got to watch the Vancuver(?) vs. the L.A. Kings hackey game.
As it turned out Orang Lightning was also staying at the ame motel and we decided to slackpack(leave your gear in town and walk sans weight) 7 miles. My luck being what it is, brought us the least knowledgeable shuttle driver on the trail. With no food or sleeping bags, at 2p.m. he dropped us off 27 miles up the trail. I spent the whole day walking as fast as I could and still didn't get back to the motel till 1a.m. No fun.
So today I took it easy. Only did 5 miles to the first shelter, but with some new blisters from yesterdays adventure, it's a good way to heal.
The other guy in this shelter is from Tampa, I gave him some food I did'nt need because he moves slowly, averages about 5 miles a day. His name was Moon Watcher. Good guy.

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