Monday, May 7, 2012


Longest day yet today. 20.7 miles. But I'm paying for it. My left shin hurts pretty bad. not quite like shin splints, maybe from turning my ankle weird.
2 miles into today I tried calling the owner of the dogs who eventually sent someone to meet us at Sam's Gap. What a monumental prick. But while he was on his way a guy handed T.C. and I a bag of apples. It was great.
The 6 miles following were a pretty strenous climb, then back down to the first shelter for my first hot lunch on the trail.
Both Big and Little bals were cool today, but it was too windy to enjoy.
Made it here to "No Business Knob" shelter around 6 with T.C. and "Boulder", a girl from Colorado who came into the shelter last night. This place is pretty crappy and we really have no business being here, but only 6.3 miles into Erwin tomorrow.

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