Thursday, May 17, 2012


I left the "shelter" this morning and headed towards the bank so I could call for a shuttle and actually have money to give the driver. But on my way there, an SUV pulls over in front of me and the driver asks if I wanted a ride. With no need to go to the bank now. I readily accepted and off we went. Turns out he is a trail maintainer and was headed my way anyway. What Luck!
20 trail miles today brings me to Brown Mountain Creek Shelter. Currently at mile 799.3. First thing tomorrow morning I'll be celebrating 800 miles down. I'm proud of myself.
 I had another nose bleed today. Pretty bad, but at least it wasn't raining at the time. But it was raining pretty much the entire rest of the day. Which is unfortunate, because there were a few overlooks that greeted me with nothing but a grey slate. But overall very moderate trail today. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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