Tuesday, May 8, 2012


23 miles  today landed me at Allbington Gap Shelter. Only 4 here, which is good  because the roof leaks. Bugger, Dutchman, and myself.
I was hungrier than usual so, I ate twice this evening. As I pulled into the shelter there was some lightening  and thunder  getting pretty close, but I still needed water.An unfortunately big and steep trail led down to the spring. And the clouds producing the lightening  opened up causing the stream to flow with mud. I'm still picking dirt from my teeth, and if the amount in the bottom of my platypus is anything to go by, It  will be for a few days.
I woke up this morning to Boulder telling us to look at the view behind  the shelter, expecting a cool sunrise I was shocked to see the giant cloud that we were stationed on top of with a perfect  vantage point. She  was also laughing in her sleep last night. Not to be outdone, she pushed on the full 32 miles today to get into Damascus. Impressive.
I have this plan to cover all 540 miles of trail through Virginia (which starts tomorrow) in only 23 days. I think that I can do it. It really seems O.K. given the terrain, and aside from the few short 9 mile days  it averages somewhere around 27 miles per day with the longest being a 30.  We'll see how it goes.
I saw my first guy with a gun today.  Not hurting or anything, he just felt that he NEEDED bear protection. Pussy.

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  1. TOMMY LEE!! Hey its Boulder. I just found this site and spent over an hour reading all your entries instead of doing my work. absolutely worth it. I'd forgotten about that view from Vandervilt shelter, if i remember correctly that was also the shelter that was covered in Bob Peoples phrases. those were pretty funny. My memories of hiking with you and TC in NC and VA are still some of my favorites form the trail. Thanks so much for keeping this blog, made me really happy to read and remember all these places i'd forgotten. Hit me up if you are ever in Portland, ecurrie@lclark.edu. Hope you are doing well and having fun wherever you are! -Boulder