Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today was an easy reintroduction after my few days off. 12 miles has landed me here at Lamberts Meadow Shelter, no meadow to be found. There is a nice stream out front though.
Retwisted my ankle earlier on today. It hurt, but went back to "normal" after a while. 2 nosebleeds to contend with. I'm getting anoyed that they keep happening.
There's currently a deer walking along the stream in front of the shelter. Doesn't seem to mind us at all.
Went over both Mcaffee Knob, and Tinker Cliffs today. Both provided astounding views. I think I liked the cliffs better.
I finally met Easy Strider today, after seeing his name in shelter registers. And I'm now having a hysterical conversation about the different techniques to poop in the woods with Evo (a section hiker), and Hatchet (a sobo thru-hiker finishing up his attempt started last summer).
[2 hours later]
Sterling showed up after dark, he is doing the Florida trail, to the Pinhotee trail, to the Benton Mckaye trail, to the Appalachian Trail and is continuing on through the International Appalachian Trail. Sounds amazing.
The group here is so funny tonight. Loving it.

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