Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Here at Fullhardt Knob Shelter, having our 1/3 completion party. Rum, whiskey and cookies. It's perfecct with Yellowtail, Sunroof, Easy Strider, Evo and myself.
I may have contracted poison ivy, nope. I HAVE contacted it, on my Ankle. Both of them no biggie.
Went into town and got supplies and pizza, Evo bought me a beer at the 3 li'l pigs BBQ what a great guy.
Last night we were warned by SoBo's that the water cistern here was locked. They must have been too high to realize that the actual faucet is 10 yards down the hill. Idiots.
I saw my first bear today! It was running away from me (it heard me singing) and 2 turtles.
Too much writing foor tonight. More drinking! Celebrate.

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