Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Last night stayed at Kimcorn hostel and it was a reunion! Tuna and Bojangles, Boulder, Acorn, Pretzel, Bugger, Jerusalem Cruiser. Best, hostel yet. So much fun, plus it was only a 16 mile day so I was there by 2p.m., made it in time for the town run. Little Ceasar's pizza, and resupply at an IGA grocery storel I felt so bad for Boulder, who left her food sitting outside the store.
After eating we all hung out and talked for a few hours, I seriously haven't laughedthat hard since the start of the trail, what a great night.
Today was only 17 or 18 miles so I took it nice and slow. Walked  along Watuga lake/dam for a few miles and ended up stopping at a picnic area there for lunch. There were bathrooms with running water! so I filled up my platypus and moved on.
I also made some gatorade on a mountain and with the cold spring water it was perfect.
The shelter (Vandeventer) came into view about the same time as the giant storm that's been hanging around most of the evening. Full (6) shelter tonight. Boulder, The Dutchman, Bugger, and 2 section hikers.

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