Thursday, May 17, 2012


15 miles today to the town of Glasgow Va. There's a shelter in the town (on 9th street specifically) for us to stay in. I have the whole thing to myself and its a shame because its really nice. There's a shower and everything! Needless to say, tonight is a good night.
I was actually able to get my camera working again, but it is on its last leg for sure. The screen is doing all sorts of funny stuff, but it should last me till Waynesboro, where I might be able to buy a new one.
Today while hiking nature called, and she had a lot to say. So I dropped my pack and headed into the woods to do my business. Not 2 minutes after I dropped throu, Sterling comes strolling by and sees my abandoned pack sitting on the trail. Of course he does what anyone else would do and starts looking around for the owner. And then he spotted me. Squatting up against a tree. I appologised for him having to see that and he said everyone does it as he averted his eyes and moved on as quickly as possible.
There's a hiker box in this shelter, it gave me tonights dinner of minestrone soup, and tomorrows breakfast of raisin bran. I'm loving the cereal for breakfast.
There were also a few candles here, and I've been burning one of them, it gives the shelter a nice glow now that it's dark out.
I came around a corner today and there was a deer standing on the trail 30 feet or so up ahead just staring back at me. We locked eyes and I turned sideways like you would to show a dog that you are not a threat, and it worked! She started approaching me untill she was maybe 15 feet away then walked off of the trail and stopped not one body length from the trail and let me pass. As I walked past her at the closest point I could have reached out and pet her with my hiking poles. So I just stood and watched for a minute before passing on. Too bad at the time my camera was still FUBAR.

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