Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today was exciting. 19 miles so it was nice to actually move again, and my feet felt Great! I'm currently at Niday Shelter at mile 680.
Earler on today I found a tub of trail magic-soda and apples. It was great, and made getting going this morning easier.
The water situation today was less than stellar. I ended up almost running out completely. And on one of the hottest days i've had yet. only made things worse. I ended up following a mud puddle up a hill to there it was running down a rock with very little actual flow. So I grabbed a leaf and shoved the side of it up against the rock to redirect as much of the water as possible into my bottle which worked pretty well.
There was a mile long ridge-walk today along the "Eastern Continental Divide" witha great view of the valley.
Made it to the shelter a little after t and went and got water. Met Short-Haul, a section hiker from Ohio. Then while cooking dinner "Pro-visions" showed up. What. a. character. Carrying a monstrous externsl frame pack and not one but 2 -7 foot walking poles, His dinner was canned beef stew that he augered open with my knife as he lost his can opener and is not carrying a knife of his own. Continues to talk about some guy who gave him a hard time about getting into a shelter late at night. Talking to him about diet was an experience all on its own. Alter comparing our daily caloric intake, we moved onto the vitamin and nutrition of the food too. Especially sodium. His remedy for averdoing the salt out here? Masturbat. At least 3 times per day. Just go off the side of the trail and have a go. And here I thought I was sweating it all out. Not according to the great mind of "Pro-Visions". In passing I mentioned the trail magic 18 miles back on the trail, and being a southbounder, that was all of the encouragement he needed to pack up and head out for a night hike. He definitely has trail crazy potential, witout a boubt.
Tomorrow looks like a 24 mile day so I'll probably need to get up early, but I want to keep reading this copy of "Catching Fire" that I found a few days ago. But... sleep takes priority.

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