Monday, May 7, 2012


Started today with a colder than usual morning. Slept in ti'll around 8a.m. and after breakfast finally got on the trail around 9a.m. I knew well ahead of time that there was an extended climb today,  but the trail for the most part followed a level green landscape without too many ups and downs.
Stopped in for lunch at a shelter along the way and passed a few section hikers.
Soon after lunch a couple of spring breakers approached with what I assumed to be their dog. Wrong. Apparently it had just started following them and when T.C. and I headed in the opposite direction she followed us. She is a friendly beagle with a name and number on the collar, but when I called the owner, she was less then concerned that her dog was in another state.
Not long after arriving at "Hogback" shelter, a gaggle of 50-60 somethings rolls in, informing me that the "hope I brought ear plugs". Swell.
In betwen dinners one and two I set my usual mouse traps which worked faster than usual to night. By 7:50p.m. the first one went off and thanks to a fire built by the old folks he was skinned, roasted and eaten by 8:00p.m.

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