Thursday, May 17, 2012


Tarping at Hog Camp Gap at mile 807.4 after 1.5 zero's in Buena Vista. My ankle is not getting better. I need some real time off. I'm thinking I should listen to my body. I'm probably going to be going home for an open ended amount of time. I'd like to say for certain that I'll be back on the trail soon but I really don't know, and it hurts to admit that. I want this. But every step hurts.
So 10 mies up the trail I have arranged a shuttle to Wynesboro where I'll make my final arrangements/decisions.
This campsite is really cool. There's a swing! Easy Strider and I built a nice fire and Odd Bird and Yappy hang around too.
E.S. and I ran into Yappy on our way out of town, where she had already found a ride so getting back to the trail was pretty easy. We made it a whole 6 miles when we found this awesome campsite and couldn't pass it up.
Crossed a nice bald today, in good weather too! what a treat.
I'm interested to see what the dutch haus will be like tomorrow (they are doing my shuttle). I think Bat is there tonight.

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