Thursday, May 17, 2012


Bryant Ridge Shelter tonight at mile 754 with Yellowtail, Sunroof, Steevies(now Kermit), and Green Thumb.
FINALLY had a full on snow storm today. It started just after I left (late) this morning, and lasted t'll almost 1p.m. It was so great, everything looked so different coated in white. Very cool. It also makes me very happy that I decided not to switch to a lighter sleeping bag. I was super warm in this 15 degree bag.
Somewhere between the rain, the cold, and the snow, my camera broke. The LCD is white and gives no response now. Oh Well. I'll have to craigslist a new one.
If I keep moving at this pace I'll be in Waynesboro on Saturday, and have to wait t'll Monday for the Post Office to open. So I'm taking a half day tomorrow, which should get me there Sunday so I can stop by the P.O. Monday morning on my way out of town.
Time to turn in for another chilly night. Kermit has her tent set up inside the shelter. She also an't use a lighter, so she carries matches. Something about not being able to commit to being that close to the flame.

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