Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm at Chatfield Shelter tonight (mile 537.7) with T.C., Boulder, Treeboo, and 2 older thru-hikers whose names I did'nt catch. But they probably won't be keeping up with me so I guess that's O.K.
For those keeping track, I'm up to 15 mice on the "Rodent Retribution Roster"
We went into Marion today. After not being able to hitch a ride, we called a taxi. Got to Walmart and the doller store to resupply before hitting an awesome chinese buffet. It was awesome. Beef and Brocole by the pound. YUM.
After getting a little turned around when heading back to the trail, we found ourselves wandering around the campus of Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute. Complete with razor wire topped fences and iron bar clad windows. Imagine 3 dirty, tired, haggered looking 20 somethings wandering out of an asylum parking lot with big backpacks on. Would you pick up those hitchhikers? Neither would any of the cars driving past us. So we decided to walk and eventually a truck puled over and told us to hop in the back, which was pretty sweet.
Back on the trail we walked just over 7 easy miles, with a few pretty steep climbs thrown in. But here I am, with a full food bag and clean clothes so all in all I'd say today was a win.

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