Thursday, May 10, 2012


Ouch. On the 5th I did 10 miles into Damascus to resupply. Ended up being 10 into Damascus, practicing for the half gallon challange, replacing my pole tips, eating pizza and beer at Quincy's with a gang of hiker trash. Then around midnight decided to night hike 14 miles. Brilliant.
Started crashing around 6:30a.m. and layed down on the ground and napped ti'll the sun came up around 7a.m. Started walking and met up with a passed out Boulder at Lost Mountain shelter and slept from 9a.m. to noon.
Woke up and ate brunch before setting out for what would end up being a 30 mile day. Made it to Wise shelter around 8:30p.m. and layed down in between T.C. and Boulder.
After a night below freezing that none of us were expecting, we layed around in sleeping bags for way too long for what was to be another 30 mile day. A very painful 30 mile day. Rocks on my feet, new blisters on top of my toes, lanced a GIANT one on my left heel from where my shoe is falling apart.
Saw an awesome moonrise(orange) last night as I was walking into the shelter, saw my first deer, playedd with horses, got hostess cupcakes.
Ended up nighthiking into camp tonight around 9 and so absolutely beat. But I'm absolutely loving hiking with T.C. and Boulder. Great times.
Currently at mile 530.6 at Partnership Shelter, there's a shower here, but that'll be for the morning.

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