Monday, May 7, 2012


Its my one month trailaversary! I've gone 346.2 miles so far, another big day planned tomorrow 22 miles to another shelter.
Made it into Erwin today by 11a.m. Got some fuel at the hostel/outffiters outside town where I met up with T.C. then we set off in search of a ride into town. An older guy who was a kayaker gave us a lift when we asked for directions super cool guy.
Made it to a grocery store where T.C. found supplies to make an alcohol stove, and right down the road was a pizza hut with a $5 lunch buffet. That was good. Started laundry and headed to the post office. Got ice cream and went grocery shopping while waiting for the clothes to dry. Reorganized the score and headed back out of town by 3:30.
Surprisingly short 4. something mile hike to camp, mostly climbing, but nothing terrible. GREAT group here tonight T.C., Boulder, G-Tip, a few other thrus and a father/daughter pair are tenting down by the stream. Great time around the fire tonight. Boulder Burned one of the thru's had carved "A.T".stick.

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